The Dentist Who Beat Corporate

How one dentist leveraged his solo dental practice to overcome rising overhead, ineffective marketing, and corporate invasion to retire in style.

Chapter One: When the Dream of Becoming a Dentist Becomes a Nightmare

This story covers the most challenging years of my life. After years of running a successful dental practice in my town, it seemed nothing I did worked as well as it used to. My practice made less and less profit every year.

When things were good in the practice, my wife and I became accustomed to a certain lifestyle. When things started to decline in the practice, that lifestyle became hard to stop. It’s not easy telling your wife you can no longer do the things you’ve been doing for the past 20 years. We didn’t go into debt, but our retirement savings started to take a hit.

As things got harder in the practice, thoughts of retirement entered my head. I thought selling my dental practice was going to be my ticket to retirement whenever I wanted to hang up the handpiece. I thought between my 401K and the sale of my practice, we would be able to live how we always dreamed.

But as I looked into how I could sell the practice, my options were bleak. I quickly found it would have been financial suicide to retire. I was a slave to my own dental practice – a prison I built for myself.

Lisa, my wife, was not happy. She said we should have planned better; we should have had a better exit strategy. I felt like the exit strategy would have been fine if not for Corporate destroying the spirit of dentistry.

In the end, I realized we were both right.

I realized I had been losing to Corporate in more ways than one throughout my entire career. I also realized they had a well-defined exit strategy outside the reach of a solo dentist, but attainable with group power (more on this later).

The story you’re about to hear might sound far-fetched, but I can confirm to you it is not. It is a real story, a story of learning lesson after lesson being beaten by Corporate almost my entire career. What you’re about to hear is how I used all of Corporate’s tricks against them to craft an exit strategy far beyond my wildest dreams.

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