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From the desk of Dr. Brady Frank, DDS

I can’t begin to describe what has happened three times now, so let me let our numbers do the talking!

We’ve had over 250 practice owners join the world’s largest DDSO, placing our group’s valuation well over $1 billion.

Among those of you who wanted to be there were, some were unable to attend for a variety of reasons. Rather than keep all this high-value information under lock-and-key forever, we decided to make it available so that those among you who’ve been emailing me about how to become a part of our group can finally get the answers you need and learn how it all works!

Right now, you can get your copy of this life and business-changing experience for just $1997 to enjoy at your own pace from the comfort of your home — no airfare or hotel required!

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Dallas | May 2022

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