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The appeal of Freedom Dental Partners is they understand that your practice is a substantial part of your life and you’d still like to have some input after the sale as you transition into your next phase of life.
Dr. Alexander Larsen, DDS
Orem, UT

Dentistry as we know it is changing FOREVER.

Consolidation isn’t unique to the dental industry. By studying the history of other industries, we can reliably predict dentistry will be 60-70% consolidated within the next 5 years.

That means soon the only buyers for private practices will be DSOs. Right now, Private Equity is hungry for dental practices and they’re willing to pay big money for them. In 5 years when there’s nothing but leftover practices, the offers will be considerably lower.

The question is, do you want to get the most of your practice now when the conditions are ripe for earning the most wealth, or would you rather wait it out and get next to nothing for your hard work?

Corporate consolidation is the inevitable wave of the future, and that future is already here.

Corporate DSOs are rapidly absorbing as many practices as they can with no regard for the financial security of brilliant dentists who’ve built these businesses.

Stopping this dental industry evolution is impossible, but we will not sit back and let dentists become victimized. We’ve taken back our collective power.

We’ve Become the DSO.

Secure your retirement and your future now with proven strategies designed to help you get the most out of your practice - on your terms.

We’ve banded together with 350+ dentists – and counting – to create a DSO that puts the needs of dentists front and center. By combining our years of experience as clinical dentists and entrepreneurs, we’ve secured offers from private equity firms with terms that were previously unheard of in our industry.
But we don’t stop at helping you sell your practice for the best possible deal. We take it a step further in our mentorship program that helps you take the reins of your future as a Healthcare Entrepreneur.

Because that’s what it’s all about - achieving the freedom you deserve.

In your career…
In your finances…
In your lifestyle…

For generations to come.
Thanks to Brady, Avi, and team, I've been able to acquire multiple dental practices and real estate, and I plan on partnering on at least 10 more practices this year. I am astounded by the level of opportunity available in the field of dentistry during this season.
Dr. Steve Albert
Washingtonville, NY




The old roadmap for a rewarding career in dentistry looks like this:
  • Graduate from dental school
  • Buy a practice
  • Work in the practice until you’re ready to retire
  • Sell the practice and hit the golf course
That model worked well for a very long time. But this plan is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Consolidation is happening whether you like it or not.

And as independent practices become fewer and farther between, the next progression of the consolidation era is a severe reduction in the value of independent practices.

The fact is, the practice you’ve worked so hard to build will be worthless if you wait too long to sell.

The Corporate DSOs know they can swoop in and devour as many practices they want at prices that are a pittance compared to the revenue they will make in return.

That means there’s zero incentive for anyone to buy your practice at a fair price once the market has cooled off.

So, the 7-figure payday you’ve been counting on to fund your eventual retirement will go up in smoke.

You deserve much better than that.

It’s likely you’ve already been approached by a Corporate DSO with an offer that was, frankly, insulting. If you’ve been holding out on selling your practice to a Corporate DSO because you know in your gut there has to be a better way? A way out that doesn’t involve:
  • Relinquishing control of how you run your practice
  • Putting your dream of retirement or exploring a new venture on hold
  • Compromising your standards for patient care for the sake of compliance with the new rules
  • Agreeing to sell with no input over the terms and no guarantee of a full payout


Your practice is worth
4x more
than you think.

Watch this one hour webinar to learn how to take advantage of today’s red hot market so you can get the maximum return on your dental career.

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AUGUST 16 - 17

Dallas, TX
We've shopped our practices around quite a bit, but the offers weren't great and kept us working for several years. Now we're looking at a 50% increase over any other offer PLUS the ability to walk away. It's a no-brainer.
Dr. Dave Severson
Canton, OH

Design the freedom-filled lifestyle you deserve with Freedom Dental Partners

You have options for securing your future, but only if you take action now – to access more lucrative offers, with more amenable terms, and greater flexibility than any traditional or corporate selling option is able (or willing) to provide.

And at Freedom Dental Partners, we are so eager to show you how to do just that.Our live summits are your opportunity to learn the exact strategies you need to get the most out of your career in dentistry. This is your chance to band together with other freedom-seeking dentists to build a stronger future with the career and lifestyle options you deserve.

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