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Fight, flight, or freeze?
The choice is yours

When you’re faced with an event that presents an existential threat, your body goes into a state of hyperarousal, also known as the fight-flight-or-freeze response.

The Corporate DSO takeover presents an existential threat to all dentists, and the way you respond now will have a lasting impact on your future.

Some dentists are fighting, but they’re engaged in the wrong battle. Like the newspaper veterans in the ‘90s, they’re fighting the very idea that anything is changing.

Some dentists are taking flight. Tired of resisting, they’re settling for the first insulting offer from a Corporate DSO that comes their way. And they’re probably miserable as a result, but without knowing their options, it was the best decision they felt they could make.

But most dentists are freezing. They have no idea what to do.

And that’s what’s going to kill them.

If you want to have a successful transition out of dentistry, now is the time to sell your practice whether you want to retire now or if you’d like to continue working well into the future.


If you want to have a financially secure future, you must embrace the following mindset:

Selling your practice does not equal retirement.

The sea change happening in modern dentistry means you can’t afford to wait to sell your practice if you want to get the greatest financial reward.
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The consolidation clock is ticking…

By all indications, there is a 5 year window left before this industry has been completely transformed and any remaining individual practices are few and far between—not to mention unsellable.

Dentistry is changing for good thanks to the Corporate DSO buying frenzy that is absorbing individually owned dental practices left and right.

We know what to expect as the consolidation of dentistry continues because we have the history of other industries as examples.

Historians have observed this same phenomenon in the telecommunications industry, the railroad industry, the publishing industry, the medical industry, and several others.

No matter which industry we’re talking about, they have evolved according to the same 5 key phases:

Discovery→Proliferation→Standardization→Consolidation→Innovation for Disruption
Right now we’re in the middle of the consolidation phase, which is the time when billions of dollars of wealth will be created.

Private Equity firms are eager to invest in dentistry because of how buoyant our industry remained during the pandemic. In addition to being recession proof, dentistry is a low risk industry with predictable and profitable cash flow. In other words, it’s an investor’s dream!

But that doesn’t mean you can hold off on the sale of your practice indefinitely. Not if you want to claim your share of the pie!

Once the market crosses the threshold of 60-70% consolidation, your practice’s valuation will bottom out as the demand from hungry Private Equity companies comes to an end.

We estimate that dentistry is currently 25% consolidated, but the percentage is increasing by the day.

Selling your practice sooner is the key to accomplishing the following goals:

Get the maximum amount of private equity money in your pocket to pre-fund your retirement plan or your next business venture

Get out of debt

Have 100% career autonomy

Now is the time to secure the wealth you’re due

At Freedom Dental Partners, we’ve been sounding the alarm as loud as we can to alert dentists to this looming threat to their ability to secure the wealth they’re due.

Through our conversations with hundreds of dentists over the past year, we know this new reality is overwhelming for so many of you who have spent decades building your practices – complete with the requisite blood, sweat, and tears.

And now that there are only a few years remaining before you can cross the finish line into retirement, it’s frustrating to know all that hard work could go up in smoke.

Fortunately, some of you have sprung into action by exploring new exit strategies, like the ones we teach attendees of our virtual and live events. But too many dentists are freezing due to the fear of the unknown.

If you’re concerned about how to create a viable transition out of dentistry now while the window of opportunity is still open, so that you can continue working on your terms and secure the wealth you need to retire comfortably…

We invite you to join us at one of our upcoming live events to learn more about how we’ve helped 350+ dentists take control of their future.

Discover exactly how it works at the BTDSO Summit

AUGUST 16 - 17

Dallas, TX
We've shopped our practices around quite a bit, but the offers weren't great and kept us working for several years. Now we're looking at a 50% increase over any other offer PLUS the ability to walk away. It's a no-brainer.
Dr. Dave Severson
Canton, OH

The consolidation clock is ticking…

Discover how to create the exit strategy that works for you at The BTDSO Summit

We’ve leveraged our experience as dental professionals and healthcare entrepreneurs to develop transition strategies that put wealth back into the hands of dentists where it belongs.

Whether you want the freedom to continue practicing long into the future or you're ready to explore the next phase of your career, we’ll show you exactly how to design the life you want on your terms.

Come join us at our live 2-day event to learn more about how to secure the future you want.

We take a deep dive into topics such as:

→How dentistry has changed over the past few years, and how to take the reins so that you remain in control of your career

→Why it’s important to rethink your retirement strategy now, whether it’s a couple short years away or many decades in the future

→Understanding how DSOs work so that you can identify which deals are worth taking and avoid the bad ones

So that you’re equipped to define freedom for yourself in a way that works for you.

Because you deserve to reap the full benefits of the years of hard work you performed in clinical dentistry to bring your vision of a financially secure life to fruition.

BTDSO Summits are inspiring and practical training events for dentists who want to maintain autonomy over their careers, the finances, and their future.

We host our Summit in bustling and cosmopolitan cities like Las Vegas, Dallas, and Orlando at stunning and comfortable event spaces.

In between training sessions, you’ll enjoy fully catered meals where you can sit down and rub elbows with fellow attendees as well as our expert team members.

And when sessions are done for the day, you can explore local attractions.

When you come to the BTDSO Summit, you’ll learn all about the strategies our members are putting in place to build wealth and create the freedom they deserve—and we’ll show you how to bring your own exit strategy to fruition!

No two BTDSO Summits are exactly the same, but a typical agenda is as follows:

Course Agenda

Day one

  • Session 1: The DNA of a DSODr. Brady Frank
    Let’s take things back to the basics with this in depth look at the history of DSOs and what makes them tick. You’ll walk away from this training with a better understanding of how and why to choose the right DSO to partner with for a more secure future.
  • Session 2: The End of Dentistry as We Know It: Assessing the New RealityAvi Wesifogel
    Dentistry is changing rapidly before our eyes. In this lecture, you’ll learn all about the evolution of this industry, what we can expect to see in the near future, and how to position yourself to profit.
  • Session 3: Understanding the Pillars of IntegrationAvi Weisfogel
    You’ll walk away from this training with an in-depth understanding of our approach to integrating hundreds of practices as a group. We’ll familiarize you with the BTDSO ecosystem which includes common management, accounting, analytics, and business principles.]
  • Session 4: Q&A PanelAvi Weisfogel & Dr. Brady Frank
    Our fearless founders will open up the floor to address your questions and concerns.
…plus a fully catered breakfast, lunch, and cocktail reception in our beautiful event space.

Day two

  • Session 1: Maximizing Your Exit StrategyAvi Weisfogel & Dr. Brady Frank
    Not all deals are created equal. Learn how to understand different deal structures and why the backend portion of a deal is more important than the multiple.
  • Session 2: Maximizing Your Dental Practice Real Estate ValueDr. Brady Frank
    If you own the building where you operate your practice, you have a valuable asset that can be used to secure your financial future. We’ll show you exactly how to make the most of the properties in your portfolio so that you can get the funds that you deserve.
  • Session 3: You've Sold Your Practice - Now What? Mapping Out Your Next Five YearsAvi Weisfogel
    Your transition out of dentistry is just the beginning of the next phase of your life. In this exciting training, you’ll learn how to leverage the sale of your practice to build the lifestyle of your dreams. Whether that means continuing clinical practice, becoming an investor in dentistry, or exploring a completely new venture.
…plus a fully catered breakfast, lunch, and cocktail reception in our beautiful event space.

The window of opportunity for getting the greatest financial reward from your practice is closing faster than you think.

If you’re ready to get the most out of your career in dentistry, the time to act is now… And we are ready to show you exactly how to make it happen at the BTDSO Summit.

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