Attention Dentists: Your Practice Worth at Least 4X What Any DSO Would Offer You!
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Learn how you can join this exclusive group in a strategy (previously unavailable to practice owners) as we grow to a more-than-$1 billion-dollar valuation in 2022—

it all happens in Las Vegas, March 6, 2022.



Current Valuation

Buck the Corporate System, Save Your Retirement & Get 5X More for Your Hard-Won Successful Dental Practice

$1MM Collections Sell to Dentist Sell to DSO Become the DSO
Sale Price $700,000 $850,000 $2.75 Million
Time Served 6 Months 3 Years 1 Year
Claw Backs No Yes No
Control of Terms Minimal None Total
Remaining Ownership Dividends None None 30% of All Profits
Total Earned over 5 Years $750k $850k $5 million+

From the desk of Dr. Brady Frank, DDS

For years, dentists have had two options to sell their practice.

Option One: Sell to a dentist for 70% annual collections

Option Two: Sell to a DSO for a little bit more at the expense of your autonomy

But right now, there’s a better way. You can join us in Becoming the DSO. But this isn’t a forever-opportunity. Big corporate never stands still.

The window is closing, and as time goes by, your options will continue to narrow. Don’t expect to see dentists-owned DSO’s forming ten years from now. This is your chance to step in, stop corporate and get paid what your life’s work is TRULY WORTH.

Eventually, this is the crossroads you’ll face. And as private practitioners age out, fewer opportunities to sell direct to another dentist will be available. Younger dentists are entering the field saddled with debt, unable to get a startup loan to fund a practice or acquire a practice. They’re already working for big corporate dentistry.

Sooner than later, there will be scant few practitioners looking to buy your practice.

If you’re a practice owner, regardless of if you want to sell, you’re selling yourself short if you don’t this event.

And hey, who doesn’t love Vegas?

Exit Strategy 2.0?

At first glance, it might seem like selling to a DSO is a no-brainer for getting the most for your practice vs. selling to a practicing dentist.

Sure selling to a dentist is quick, but you’re leaving a lot of money on the table for the sake of convenience.

And selling to a DSO looks great on paper.

Let’s talk about corporate DSOs for a second.

In truth, these corporate raiders engineered a win-lose prison that traps dentists and robs them of autonomy, money and happiness.

  1. Selling to a corporate DSO means death to your autonomy
  2. Selling to a corporate DSO means using their vendors for equipment, supplies and services
  3. Selling to a corporate DSO means the five years of indentured servitude, working for a corporate overlord
  4. Selling to a corporate DSO means putting your dream of retirement (or your next venture) on hold
  5. Selling to a corporate DSO means you’re taking on hidden risks and may not get your full payout
  6. Selling to a corporate DSO means you’re agreeing to a deal where you have zero control
  7. Selling to a corporate DSO means you’re no longer putting your patients first

See how easily the hidden costs of selling to a DSO could end up costing you in the long run and leave you little more than the long-term grief of working for a corporate master for the next five years?

Both of these are designed to entice you with the promise of a payday while leaving you hanging while someone else enjoys the fruit of your life-long labor.

There is a better way.

Don’t Just Exit…
This “Secret” Strategy Is 5x+ Bigger!

Look, it’s pretty clear that the exit strategy for dentists isn’t all that attractive.

  1. Sell to another dentist for a fraction of your value or…
  2. Gamble on a sale to a DSO that will keep you in bondage for years instead of enjoying the next phase of life

But you know what IS attractive?

The crazy “secret” deal that DSOs get in return is
ridiculously attractive.

Did you ever stop to ask WHY a DSO is willing to pay 10-15% more
for a practice vs. selling directly to a dentist?

Two Words: Private Equity

That’s why.

Corporate is buying up practices at light speed.

But they aren’t interested in YOUR practice…..on its own.

The strategy is to buy and bundle a large volume of practices so they can flip them to private equity who will, in turn….

Pay a far higher price than the DSO originally paid to acquire these practices individually.

Big private equity views the dental world as a safe investment that will provide medium return with minimal risk.


It’s a great way for them to round out their portfolios full of high risk investments, and they have trillions of dollars to spend!

Time is not on our side.

DSOs aren’t special.

They’re just a step or two ahead (and they know how to sell assets to cash-rich private equity firms).

Once they acquire a practice, the DSO slaps their business template onto the retiring dentist’s practice to make it just like all their other practices.

The DSO then sells a portion of the retiring dentist’s practice (along with another cluster of 50 practices who went through the same ordeal) to private equity for 5x more than what they paid.

The DSO then buys MORE practices, does the same thing, sells another portion of that…

AGAIN … for EVEN MORE than the first time.

And the cycle continues.

If these DSOs can do it, you can too.

So back to the status quo…

The retiring dentist sells his practice for 80% collections to the DSO and spends 5 years clawing his way through every bit of corporate red tape to claim his freedom or finds a dentist to buy him out for even less…

This cycle is coming to an end.

In 3-5 years, you won’t be able to sell your practice to another dentist. They simply won’t be there. They are becoming Corporate.

Things aren’t getting better for practice owners. It’s time we stood up.

Now is the time to stop these corporate vultures from stealing your joy and your fortune.

There’s a better way.

Together, we can become the DSO.

Back in Control of Dentistry

With each passing day, more and more private dental practices are being purchased by DSOs.

And, day by day, the overall power of the dentist is dwindling.

We are a group of dentists fighting back against the corporate machine.

WE are a group of over 100 dentists joining forces to beat the DSO at their own game.

WE are creating our own DSO. A DENTIST-OWNED DSO.

WE believe dentistry should be controlled by DENTISTS who believe patient care is the top priority.

WE believe dentists should be able to see the same level of profit for their life’s work
as the businesspeople running the DSO.

$1MM Collections Sell to Dentist Sell to DSO Become the DSO
Sale Price $700,000 $850,000 $2.75 Million
Time Served 6 Months 3 Years 1 Year
Claw Backs No Yes No
Control of Terms Minimal None Total
Remaining Ownership Dividends None None 30% of All Profits
Total Earned over 5 Years $750k $850k $5 million+

*Based on a practice collecting $1 million

Become the DSO Seminar Agenda

Sunday March 6, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV

WE believe if we don’t do this NOW, dentistry will never be the same again.

We’ll explain the reasons WHY we’re doing this and how you can have an ownership stake in what will be the largest Dentist-Owned DSO in the world.

Summit Agenda

Session 1: What Your Practice is Really Worth

Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is a former dentist who is the founder of the International Academy of Sleep. As a dentist, Avi bought five practices over the course of his career. He sold all of them at a hefty profit while creating a multi-state empire of practices designed solely for the treatment of sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy. Today, Avi teaches hundreds of dentists how to become successful in the world of dental sleep medicine.

Session 2: Understanding the Landscape of the Dental Practice Market

Dr. Brady Frank, DDS

As an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur in the field of dentistry, Dr. Frank has built a platform and expertise related to multiple doctor & location private group practices, dental transitions, DSO and DDSO expansion and growth strategies, and healthcare real estate investment. Dr. Frank is most passionate about mentoring others on these topics to achieve their highest level of fulfillment and success.

Session 3: How I Created a DSO and Received a 14x Multiple

Dr. Ty Shoemaker, D MD, CPA

Dr. Shoemaker owned and operated five dental practices in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. He was instrumental in establishing the Inland Dental Expanded Access Clinic (IDEA Clinic) in Spokane and was its first volunteer dentist. He is the immediate past chair of the Washington State Dental Association Budget and Finance Committee, former President of the Spokane District Dental Society(SDDS) and former board member of the SDDS Foundation.

Keynote: How to Become the DSO

Avi Weisfogel, Dr. Brady Frank

Panel Discussion: What We Learned from the Burn

Panel discussion featuring stories dentists who’ve lived through selling to DSOs and more

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