Freedom Dental Partners named among largest DSOs in annual report

The first thing Steve Albert wants to talk to you about is the new addition to his family – his infant son and third child, James.

But the second thing he will mention is the growth of Freedom Dental Partners.

“It’s an incredible ride and it is just getting started,” says a smiling Steve.

Albert, a dentist by trade, has recently taken on the title of “Deal Captain” on the Freedom Dental Partners team and this means he is partly responsible for the group’s incredible growth.

Named recently to a list of Top 10 DSOs, Freedom Dental Partners works as a uniquely aligned dental support group of dental practices across 42 states. Albert and the team he serves alongside share a commitment to helping dental practitioners find the best fit for the future of their practices.

“It’s about providing what dentists need to do their jobs, but not getting in the way of their expertise,” Albert explained. “We have comprehensive support services, innovative technologies, and shared best practices – but we also want dentists to stay in charge of dentistry.”

Albert knows a little about dentists – because he is one. A 2011 graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) Medical School, Albert owns and operates seven practices of his own. But when looking for ways to grow his business, he came in contact with the team behind Freedom Dental Partners and knew he wanted to be part of what was being built.

“I figured out quickly that dentistry was consolidating whether I liked it or not,” Albert explains. “But I could see that Freedom is doing things differently. I wanted to be involved in that. I want to keep dentists as the ones in charge of where dentistry goes next. I want to empower those who need it to reach the next level. And I want to bring together those with like minds.”

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